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My clients’ vision and taste are the guiding points of every project that I undertake. I offer a full menu of services to fulfill all your design needs. From initial concept to installation.

Here is a small sample from over 30 designs I have undertaken in the past 10 years.


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Harbour Villa Glam 

This harbour villa is a project I am very proud of! It was done in conjunction with clients who own the home and wanted a “hands on” approach.  Everything was done to the highest standard and there were no shortcuts which is a designers dream!”



Simple Penthouse Glamour

This penthouse was a project which gave me enormous satisfaction. The clients (who I met only 2 days prior to demolition and did not see again until handover) allowed me cart Blanche … their trust in me was absolute and unwavering and for that, I worked doubly hard to ensure their dream became a reality.

It is a truly relaxed, simple, family orientated apartment with a glamorous feel.

Their testimonial says it all



Holiday Haven

This apartment is on the 37th floor of a major apartment complex and was a renovation nightmare from word go. If it hadn’t been for my amazing clients whose total trust in me was unwavering, I think I would have had a breakdown! (Slight exaggeration but you get my drift) However, the end result is one of relaxed holiday leisure, not TOO beachy, and exactly what they requested. They love it and their testimonial says it all.




Golden Light

This glamorous project allowed me to demonstrate my love of an eclectic mix of furnishings on a neutral backdrop with splashes of colour. 


Tropical Colour

My Clients on this project love pop art &olive green. That was my brief.... the rest they left completely up to me and didn't see the property until it was fully completed. Their comment was "OMG this is absolutely amazing"


The Gatsby House

A Stunning 7 bedroom home designed in collaboration with Kym Barclay from Gallery Homes. The house represents total luxury at its best while still providing functionality



Azure - Singapore

The owners of this Singapore apartment commissioned me to do the full fit-out after I had completed their home in Queensland. They loved what I had achieved previously and left the Azure project completely to my discretion.



Earthy Glamour

A relaxed 3 bedroom apartment fully renovated for Melbourne Clients.

The brief was to create a 'practical home for the grand kids to visit' hence seating have washable covers or are in sensible leather. The stunning, natural stone bench with waterfall end is the perfect centerpiece of the Kitchen/Living area


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